Everywhere I went, my sketchbook was sure to go

This book contains some of my favourite black and white sketches from my daily life in Singapore. This isn't a book of popular scenes and famous locations. Instead, what you'll find are scenes I see and experience while living here. It's my exercise in seeing the beauty in ordinary everyday things.

These pages also contain handwritten notes/stories about each drawing. And not just notes but also some essential "secret" drawing tips that I abide by. It's a book of urban sketches but from a more personal perspective. Oh and of course, I also wrote about my fountain pens which I am always crazy about. If you'd want to be inspired to draw more or just like looking at sketches, this book is for you:)

It has been a few years since this book was published and the edges of this book has begun to yellow slightly. So I've decided to reduce the price from SGD$12 to $6 and just ship within Singapore with a shipping fee of $1. If you buy more at one go, you get it for less:)


Everywhere I went, my sketchbook was sure to go (signed copy)